Is herringbone installation possible in tile flooring?

Is herringbone installation possible in tile flooring?

Herringbone patterns are currently trending hot, and you can see this design everywhere. It's significant for wood floors, window coverings, and even jewelry. You may want to know if you can do it with tile.

The answer is, "yes, you can!" Herringbone patterns are classic and add visual interest to any design, from wood look tile to marble, other stones, or decorative tiles.

You’ll see many formats in our tile store

Tiles are cut into planks of any size. Or squares, rectangles, round shapes, hexagons, etc.

A herringbone design resembles the bone structure of a fish. The basic herringbone is placed at 90-degree angles, but variations, including size length, can vary. Again, this is something you should speak with the installer about.

Other distinctive layouts include:

Since tile's come in many formats, you can create everything from checkerboard patterns to chevrons, horizontal/vertical straight stacks, and more.

Your imagination only limits you, so get those creative juices flowing! And while you're at it, use the floor tile patterns and colors to give the illusion of a larger space or even a higher ceiling.

Consider these layouts: checkerboards, diagonals, tic-tack-toe boards, and vertical/horizontal stacks. You can achieve anything!

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Here are just a few things you’ll see: Bee Hive by Dal-Tile; Contour Ceramic Calacutta (a marble look) by Interceramic.

Cambridge Oak by Ragno USA is a wood look tile that comes in 6 colors. Elegance by Happy Floors comes in 6 colors, including the hottest trend, wood floors.

Tile is also durable, easy to clean, and eco-friendly, so please find out more in our tile store.

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