Top 4 tile flooring trends

Top 4 tile flooring trends

While there are many options in floor tile installations, there are none quite as renowned as ceramic and porcelain. Typically, residential projects, particularly those for kitchen and bathrooms, opt for tile surfacing. Indeed, there are several reasons to do so, but current style trends drive the popularity of ceramic and porcelain. What trends, you may wonder? Well, check out the following latest design choices that are sure to fill you with exciting renovation ideas!


Simplify upkeep while getting a gorgeous new look with large, oversized tiles. They tie in well with a spa redesign if that's what you're aiming for in your new bathroom. There are several thickness options, from about .14 inches to a slighter more than ¾ inch. Tiles are available in big pieces now, and you can even get them as large as 5.25 by 10.5 feet. They're lovely as regular flooring but also ideal for countertops and shower stalls.

Retro faux concrete

Go retro with a faux concrete tile that will give you an impressive imitation. This trend allows you to add a creative flair to any space that leans heavily on the playful side—the best part, aside from its unique appearance: its straightforward maintenance. In the latter part of 2021, faux concrete will undoubtedly stir up many interior design ideas for those who wish for a one-of-a-kind style to personalize their home.

Terrazzo effect

Another trend that’s booming right now is the terrazzo effect. In this instance, ceramic and porcelain tiles are manufactured in various sizes – from small pieces to large slabs – with different fleck patterns to choose from. Again, this effect gives you a retro look like the faux concrete, yet with a completely different twist with the tile designs.

Mega gloss

Do you yearn for an installation that screams glamour? Then look no further than high-gloss tile! Chic like no other, this flooring installation is showstopping. It does, however, require a bit more upkeep than others, but the unique look itself may very well be worth it. Since there is an extra gloss on the tiles, you'll likely want an additional slip-resistant coat to ensure safety from slippage. This is particularly essential in areas that experience some water, like bathrooms or kitchens.


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